Ferber Project - Elko County, Nevada, USA

Commodities: Cu, Pb, Zn, Ag, Au, Bi


Deposit Type: Contact skarn and replacement in limestone and intrusive adjacent to a major composite intrusive. Possible structural-controlled sediment hosted gold deposit present, as well as a porphyry target.


Location: 25 miles south of Wendover, NV, Ferber Hills, Elko County, Nevada.


Land Status: 102 un patented lode claims on BLM-controlled land and 9 patented claims.


Production: Copper-lead-silver-gold deposits were discovered in the area in the 1880s. Ore was shipped from the Martha Washington, Big Chief, Regent and other small mines intermittently over the years. Limited production figures for the mines list 97,878 pounds copper, 192,613 pounds lead, 11, 851 ounces silver. Cordex Exploration, Royal Gold and FMC have conducted exploration in the area since 1980s-1990s.


Geology: The Ferber District consists of a multi-phase Cretaceous-Tertiary igneous complex intruding Pennsylvania-Permian age carbonates. The limestone units are domed around the intrusive. Marble and skarn are developed at the margin of the intrusive complex. The sedimentary and intrusive rock is cut by faults of various orientations. Much of the area is covered by a shallow alluvium.


Mineralisation: Mineralisation occurs in skarn, veins, and replacement in limestone. Numerous surface samples taken during past investigations give gold values as high as 0.20 oz/ton, silver up to 5.0 oz/ton and copper >10%. Royal Gold drilled in the district in the mid-late 1990’s. The company reported Mineralisation in metamorphosed sedimentary rocks and intrusive’s as follows:


  • 35 ft of 0.017 oz/ton Au in contact metamorphosed rocks
  • 15 ft of 0.069 oz/ton Au in oxidized intrusive
  • 15 ft of 0.718% Cu (oxide) in intrusive
  • 85 ft of 0.415% Cu (oxide) in contact zone
  • 40 ft of 0.832% Cu (oxide) in contact zone


Exploration: St Vincent Minerals will conduct additional exploration on the property to include; mapping, soil sampling and rock chip sampling, geophysics and drilling in the future.